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Reid Loper

Vice President, LEED AP

Mr. Loper previously worked as a project manager for a commercial construction company in Atlanta, Georgia, prior to choosing to return to the Gulf Coast. The time spent in Atlanta gave him vast knowledge in management, estimating, schedule and budget supervision. Mr. Loper has estimated over $200 million of work and completed over $100 million in commercial construction. He graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering where he worked as a research and design student.  Mr. Loper started his career with CrowderGulf in 2010, as Senior Project Manager (SPM) for the BP Oil Spill. As SPM, his role was managing over 1,200 personnel and 600 pieces of equipment. Managing several projects at once is Mr. Loper’s strong point and the BP project consisted of simultaneously managing more than eight different major projects throughout the Alabama Gulf Coast for the BP Deep Horizon oil spill operation. These projects ranged from sand screening, dredging, hazardous waste handling and vessel operations, to side scan sonar work. All projects have cumulatively exceeded $130 million in invoicing and total project cost. 

In 2012 Mr. Loper took on the task as SPM to oversee CrowderGulf's Hurricane Sandy Response for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Agency. The work consisted of waterway, marine, and marsh debris removal, totaling in over 450,000 cubic yards of debris removed and 109 vessels recovered. The project was called "Unprecedented" by the DEP commissioner as the largest waterway debris removal operation and set new guidelines with the Federal Government on how marine debris and dredging operations are conducted. While in New Jersey, Mr. Loper also managed a flood prevention (Harding) project using HESCO barriers, for JP Morgan Chase's national data center in Carlstadt, NJ. This project used temporary structures to effectively raise the building’s relative flood plain. Towards the end of 2014 and his stay in New Jersey, Mr. Loper oversaw the removal of 6 massive derelict house boats in Southern New Jersey, which was funded under a NOAA Grant for coastal restoration and improvements. Mr. Loper is NIMS certified and holds general contractor licenses in the following states: Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. (NIMS Trained)

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