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Recycling & Green Initiatives

CrowderGulf is committed to unequivocal protection of the environment at the work site and surrounding areas by attention to organizational, operational, and performance details that are the hallmarks of our Quality Control Plan. CrowderGulf personnel and subcontractors that are assigned to specific contractual duties that substantially impact environmental quality have their work continually evaluated by Quality Control Supervisors.  All CrowderGulf Employees and subcontractors, with duties partially or indirectly applicable to environmental protection, will have those duties evaluated daily, whether relating to noise, smoke, dust, traffic, drainage or general containment actions, or containment actions specifically related to hazardous materials. 

The vast amount of debris produced by a natural  or manmade disaster  can create a  recycling challenge.  In our effort to protect our environment and support Green Initiatives,  CrowderGulf  pledges to make the maximum effort to recycle materials.


Vegetative Debris

  • Debris crews will be encouraged to cut tree trunks into eight (8') foot or longer lengths for delivery to dump site.  Quality logs will be separated and marketed to pulp mills, saw mills, and veneer mills.  Timber in the log form is always marketable and depending on quality, can be transported to market even if the markets are relatively far away.

  • Stumps are split and reduced to chips or burned.

  • Limbs, twigs, short blocks, and inferior logs are ground or burned.

  • Wood chips  are collected and transported to organic fuels users. Chips unfit for fuel or chips surplus can be mixed with ash from burning operations (tested and free of contaminates), and used to produce quality marketable compost suitable for landscaping use or applications to farm land.


C & D Debris

  • Practice deconstructing in lieu of demolition of structures to salvage building materials

  • Reclaimed Concrete can be crushed and used for road base

  • Roofing Shingles can be used in Asphalt pavement and aggregate base as well as cold patch for potholes, parking lots and fuel oil.


All debris related operations are performed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules and/or regulations. 


Examples of Previous Recycling Initiatives for our Clients:

CrowderGulf's President, John Ramsay utilizes his degree in Agriculture and his many years of experience in agronomy, tree farming and debris management to assist our Clients in identifying recycle opportunities, providing consumers for recyclables and developing innovative solutions to recycling challenges. In addition, our Company has developed a debris specific accounting system to track individual and specialized project costs. This system allows for reliable documentation to our Clients for reimbursement. Upon contract award, our team will work with our Client to establish recycling goals and objectives.

Examples of Innovative recycling practices performed by CrowderGulf in past disaster events:

  • During Hurricane Isabel, when damaged areas were saturated with residual wood chips, CrowderGulf found consumers overseas as part of the Kyoto International Treaty, that paid for the chips. These chips were used in place of coal for electricity generation. The chips were loaded on barges and shipped overseas to Turkey and Italy.

  • For another Client, CrowderGulf found farmers that would take the residual (tested and approved) ash for use in their planting fields. The concentration of phosphorus in pot ash and the nutrients found within, were of greater benefit and more economical to area farmers than the high cost of fertilizer for their crops. By donating the ash to the area farmers, it reduced the need for final disposal / tipping fees and provided a needed benefit to area farmers which saw a better return on their crops for several years.

  • After Hurricane Ivan, CrowderGulf transported downed trees to saw mills transforming them into lumber for re-sale. Much of the lumber was re-introduced into the community for re-building following the devastating Category 3 Hurricane.

  • During several previous activations, CrowderGulf found plants to take chips for bio-fuel in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia.

Need Recycling & Green Initiave Services? Contact Ashley Ramsay-Naile for any information or estimate request by email or call here.

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