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Freddie Willis

Project Manager

Mr. Willis brings over 26 years of professional experience to the CrowderGulf team. Prior to working for CrowderGulf, Freddie was tasked with overseeing site remediation of a closed oil refinery. He successfully managed the removal and disposal of more than 33,331,536 gallons of crude oil, gasoline, diesel and JP-5 jet fuel from leaking tanks with final approval from the EPA and ADM. Freddie began his career with CrowderGulf in 2017 where he worked as a field supervisor in Florida in response to Hurricane Irma.  Since that time, Freddie has managed multiple projects of varying scopes, ranging from sand screening, marine construction, shoreline restoration, and dredging and debris removal. In 2018, Freddie successfully managed debris removal crews in a 1,200 square mile area in the Carolinas; managing multiple debris management sites and removing hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of debris. Mr. Willis takes great pride in exceeding the expectations of CrowderGulf’s clients and establishing excellent working relationships from the start.